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2017-2018 Eboard Members

Eboard Members

Mitch Kennedy, Zach Mixter, Chase Martin, Dana Ulinski, Nicole Gruman, Alexandra Jernigan, Laruen Miller, Emily Bass, Jessica Eurich, Anna Devota, Joey Harvey, McKenna Daniel,

Mitch Kennedy


Mitch Kennedy is a senior majoring in Professional Accountancy with a minor in entrepreneurship. Here are a few reasons why brother Kennedy joined Delta Sigma Pi " I joined Delta Sigma Pi as a freshman to gain connections in the school of business and get more mentoring from upperclassman on selecting classes and choosing a career path" - Mitch Kennedy.

Zach Mixter

Senior Vice President

Zach Mixter is a senior this year graduating with a degree in International Business. He's passionate about this position because he wants to get new brothers into Delta Sigma Pi who will continue to show excitement like he does and dedicated to help the fraternity grow. A few words from your senior Vice President "My favorite thing about DSP is meeting new business students and helping them connect with professors and other business students." -Zach Mixter

Anna Devota

Vice President of Pledge Education

Anna is majoring in business management and graduating in 2019. Here are some reasonings why she is passionate about her position and her favorite thing about DSP "I am passionate about being the VP of Pledge Education because I get to welcome new brothers into the fraternity. My favorite thing about DSP is having the opportunity to meet students, faculty, and staff that have interest in the world of business. Fun fact: I have twin brother." -Anna Devota

Nicole Gruman

Vice President of Fiance

Nicole Gruman is a fourth-year student double majoring in a Bachelor of Professional Accountancy and Marketing with a minor in Legal Studies.Brother Gruman serves as our Vice President of finance for our chapter. After graduation, she plans on going to law school to further her education. Here are just a few things on why she is passionate about her position, "My biggest passions are helping others and hanging with my friends. I'm a social butterfly and I'm involved in many organizations on campus. DSP is such an amazing organization because of how much opportunity every person is given, whether it's professionally or personally, DSP has a lot to give!" -brother Gruman

Dana Ulinski

Vice President of Chapter Operations

Dana serves as our Vice President of chapter operations. She is from Armada, MI, a fourth-year management major with a minor in marketing. Here is what Dana has to say about her passion for being on the Board and why she loves DSP, "I am passionate about my position because communication is key and I think its important that everybody in the chapter is on the same page at all times! I love DSP because it enables me to surround myself with awesome people who are working towards a similar professional goal while also having fun!"

Chase Martin


Chase is a senior graduating with a finance degree. He is passionate about Delta Sigma Pi because with great power comes great responsibility. Some words from our chancellor himself "I love Delta Sigma Pi because I like the social events and I'm excited to start planning events, and it's nice to know that you will always have a friend wherever you go" -Chase Martin.

Jessica Eurich

Vice President of Professional Activities

Jessica Eurich is a senior graduating in May, with a degree in business management with a minor in computer science. here are a few words from our brother herself "I love DSP because it has provided me with professional experience and many different opportunities to get involved around campus."

Emily Bass

Vice President of Community Service

Emily Bass is a fifth year Accounting (BPA) Major. Here are a few things why Emily loves Delta Sigma Pi "I love DSP because it has given me the opportunity to connect with other business majors along with giving me chances to grow as an individual" she is passionate about her position because she loves helping out our community. "It's such a great feeling to see how we impact lives in a positive way with every event that we do"-Emily Bass thank you, Emily, for serving our community we look forward to watching you grow!

Lauren Miller

Vice President of Alumni Relations

Lauren is a double major in Management and Marketing and will be graduating in May 2018. She loves Delta Sigma Pi because of the amazing opportunities the fraternity has brought her. When asked why she joined DSP she responded, "I joined DSP because I wanted to be a part of a group of like-minded individuals that could help me be successful academically and professionally. My biggest regret is not joining before I did!"

Joey Harvey

Vice President of Scholarships & Awards

Joey is our Vice President of scholarships and awards. He is a second-year accounting major and his favorite memory about Delta Sigma Pi would be playing putt-putt with his brothers at Kokomo's during recruitment week.

Alexandra Jernigan

Vice President of Marketing

My name is Alexandra Jernigan, I serve as the Vice President of Marketing. I'm the face who posts all the wonderful posts of our brothers. A little bit about me, I am a senior graduating in May with a Bachelors in Business Management and a minor in Finance. I love being apart of an organization that has like-minded individuals who have the same interest in business as I do while helping me turn my weaknesses into strengths. This organization has shaped me to become a better version of myself. The brothers I'm surrounded by pushing me to be the best I can be and have given me friendships that will last a lifetime. I'm passionate about this position because I love to be creative and find unique ways to showcase to the world our amazing brotherhood and all that we do within our organization. So get ready for endless pictures and fun posts

McKenna Daniel

Fundraising Chair

McKenna Daniel a second year marketing major, who serves on the fundraising chair! Here are just a few words from our brother Daniel on why she loves DSP "As freshmen, I didn't have a lot of know-how when going around campus, DSP was the first organization I joined and it opened up so many doors for me. I made new friends, got some professional experience under my belt and became super involved on campus all because of DSP!" McKenna is passionate about her position because she loves the idea of helping to support the Mu Phi Chapter financially. "There are so many great ideas from all the members and I want to make sure they have enough funds to turn those ideas into reality."-McKenna Daniels

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