Welcome all Business and Economic majors,

Delta Sigma Pi prides itself on the professional and community service events that each chapter hosts. The Mu Phi chapter has planned and participated in a variety of professional events for the benefit of the brotherhood. Recently, the Mu Phi chapter had the opportunity to tour the Duro-Last facility in Saginaw. Additionally, the Mu Phi Chapter is partnered with SVSU's Career Services Office to host Interview Workshops and Employment Fairs.

Not only is Mu Phi proud of its professional events, but also the service events that allow us to give back to the community. Brothers have participated in Battle of the Valleys, Blood Drives, and Relay For Life. Mu Phi is absolutely committed to developing our skills as professionals, bettering our community, and promoting strong bonds between Brothers.

We encourage you to learn more about us and the opportunities Delta Sigma Pi has to offer. Please explore the rest our our website to discover the benefits that come from being a Brother in our fraternity. If you have any questions, feel free to go to the “Contact Us” page to find our information.

Our Sponsors:
Mu Phi would like to say thank you to our sponsors at enterprise for their generous donations to help grow our fraternity brothers from Delta Sigma Pi thank you for your continuous support! Fred Wells said " I’ve always considered myself an impact player. Before I started with Enterprise, I was a professional football player. So every day at work, I use my experiences to gather my team together, plan our day and all work towards our goals.When I was an Assistant Manager, there were a couple Management Trainees who were struggling. I looked them right in the eye and said, ‘I’m here now. We’re going to turn this around. We’re going to get you promoted.’ That’s big to me – seeing people under me get promoted.I have tunnel vision and am focused on achieving my goals, so no matter what you put in front of me, I’m going to get there. Enterprise has given me the tools to not only develop myself professionally, but also help develop those around me which has been incredibly rewarding”

The Mu Phi chapter at Saginaw Valley State University was established on May 30th, 1992. As of Fall 2018, there are 41 active brothers in the Mu Phi Chapter. We strive to be the best we can be and we do it with the help of our brothers. 

Our Pledges

Fall 2020

Erika Kiehler, Abigail Walk, Brendan Bellor, Maddison Godi, Emma Varisto. and Ryan Pelletier

Fall 2019
Olivia Amey, Evan Bierlein, Taylor Doehring, Kyndall LoVette,Nitish Nishtala, Carmen Reilly, Abby Smith, Papa Kwame Yeboah

Winter 2019
Drew Allen, Jennifer Boudreau, Tyler Boylen, Brianna Darling, Kathryn Davis, Kanai Dozier, Amber Tanner, Kevin Terry, and Hannah Wolschlager

Fall 2018
Nathan Piwowarski, Evan Rhind, Sierra Szagesh, Nolan Twardy, Madilyn Witherspoon, Jennifer Newland, Gabriella Locke, Alicia Flores, Miguel Dominquez, Kayla Burdick, and Angela Bondon

Winter 2018
Kaitlin Fistler, Emily Gunther, Tyrell Hill, Jessica Onwenu, Evan Prevost, Lindsay Sammons, and Lyndsey Schirle

Fall 2017
Eric Noonan, Charity Warren, Jasmine Houser, Jessica Thomas, Tessa Graham, Mackenzie Koski, Emily Wahl, Robert Ash, Shelbie McClelland, Jamie Chargo.

Winter 2017
Top (left to right) : Kara Hoch, Evan Schneider, Kyle Soldan, Stephaine West, and Tayler Williams Bottom : Hannah Burdick, Kumar, Daniel Evard, Gillian Farver, and Syndey Freeman

Fall 2016
Back (left to right): Joey Harvey, Xuefei Xu, Demetria Davis, McKenna Daniel, Dana Ulinski, Lance Anderson, Trevor Thomson, and Anthony Bodies Front: Yi Zhu, Mersadies Jones, Eric Mark, Jessica Eurich, and Anna Devota

Winter 2016
Chase Martin, Emma Hondzinski, Erika Wiliams, Kelsey Reder, Lauren Kreiss, Leslie Smith, Mariah Bartlett, Natalie Harris, Kayla King, Brayden Hodges, Tan Han

Fall 2015 Semester
Emily Bass, Trevor Beck, Andrew Carlisle, Damien Chun, Dan Hill, Jacob Jacopac, Ally Jernigan, Apryl LaShaun, Nicky Liepa, Lauren Miller, Zach Mixter, Ally Motz, Teri Lynn Ofeno, Dalton Pokley, Dylan Schnepf, Sam Schultz, Lindsey Summers, Nicole Yuhasz!

Winter 2015 Semester
Tiffany Dougherty, Alli Dunn, Katlin Flavin, Wilhelmina Francisco, Nicole Gruman, Emily Miller, Natalie Schneider, Melissa Whitford, and Jiachuan Zhao!

Fall 2014 Semester
Samantha Bedore, Corey Brabandt, Evan Campbell, Nick Davis, Zack Gibson, Sean Gilmore, Erikka Hammond, Kelsie Hutter, Alyssa Hurtado, Mitch Kennedy, Tessa Medrea, Martin Olson, Dan Pihlaja, Rebecca Sapak, Rosalie Stackpole, Matt Stocker, Alex Torry, Savana West, and Taylor Yancy!

Winter 2014 Semester
George Copeland, Brittani Liggins, and Colleen McClure!

Fall 2013 Semester
Karleen Bacha, Valarie Bourbina, Kara Brunk, Paul Eory, Nicholas Kinsler, David Nelson, Farrah Nordman, Charlotte Wong, Charlotte Norfleet, Siobio Richards, Andrea Rickerd, Effie Spieth, Monica Terry, and Tara VanDyke!

Winter 2013 Semester
Samantha Cormier, Isabella Duarte, and Leecia Barnes!

Fall 2012 Semester
Veronica Burton, Rachel Chatfield, Kevin Finley, Kaitlin Foran, Elizabeth Radosa, Hillary Hunt, Nikki Jamison, Emily Korn, Elyss Latimer, Jessica Marshall, Brielle Robinson, Danielle Wood, and Carrie Younkin! 

Winter 2012 Semester
Timikia Brooks, Stacy Coon, Marah Deming, Alex James, Patricia Smith, Zoey Stickler, and Cody Witter!

Fall 2011 Semester
Danni Bee, Terry Blake, Calla Compton, Jessica Elliot, Gregory Gaskin, Lindsey Martin, Heather Matschikowski, and Shannon Virant!